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I've had an amazing week, my last at the school I've worked in for over 16 years. So many lovely people came forward and offered cards and gifts but most importantly their good wishes for a happy and exciting retirement. I felt truly loved and blessed so you can imagine it was pretty tough to fight back the tears. I am leaving on a high which I wanted to do; a young colleague remarked on my energy and wisdom which in her mind suggested I should stay for a while longer. But that's the point I want to leave with more to give so I can start new adventures.  I just can't stop smiling about the prospects ahead. 
This weekend the Christmas train is chugging along nicely. I have been wrapping presents and planning festive meals (with Luci's advice) for what will be a five day event. The main supermarket delivery arrived this afternoon and I also made a few more decorative touches to the house. The table runners are ready on the banister rail, the sledge is in place in a corner of the sitting room and I've strung some wired lights on the logs which probably won't be burnt this week as it so mild here in the Midlands. The ladder on the half landing belonged to David's grandad - he was a house painter in the 30's; I've put some vintage Swedish runners on it as well as the conifer branches foraged on a Max walk. The mantelpiece has a cardboard Putzhaus which David made in half an hour to go with the snow scene I assembled with some tank vases and Christmas cake decorations. The rocks on the mantel piece are from the Himalayas  - I still can't believe David and Patrick trekked in India last summer.
Tomorrow I will bake a ginger and spice cake and make some more biscuits milanais which my Kate loves. And then Patrick arrives from Amsterdam to spend day after day with us till well into the new year.     :)

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