treading lightly

Christmas decorations aren't just sparkly, pretty things in my house. For me it's more about getting things ready for homecomings. I liked arranging this coffee corner on the long shelf in the kitchen thinking about the coffee drinkers who are coming and will want to play. Normally we use an ordinary coffee press which lives in the breakfast cupboard but sometimes I like to grind coffee beans, put a pot on the range and marvel at the cinnamon sugar canister whose granules can be sprinkled on frothy milk. 

This weekend David and I were out for lunch at the Wild Rabbit. I took a photo of this lovely up cycled dresser base; the papering and drawer knobs are funny and stylish I think. The prep for Christmas continues in small ways; card writing, pompom making and a new dressing for bulgur wheat to try.

Next week will be a week of 'last' everything, briefings, break duty, assembly, meetings, lessons just everything. I am looking forward to retiring but not so much fuss please. 

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