Feng Shui (part one)

Do you remember when this was all the rage? I don't read or hear about it much these days but I suppose we have all taken the easiest and maybe the most important idea and have run with it: declutter and avoid acquiring more and more STUFF. My pine dresser is a love / hate piece. We bought it in the early 80s and it has moved with us. I'm not convinced it is genuinely old as in pre war but I guess it is old enough now. I liked it best in our house in Oxfordshire where it stood in a wide hall and was filled with books and curios. When we moved to this house it could only go in the dining room which adjoins the kitchen so I went trad and displayed my best china. Today I changed it back to a cabinet of curiosities and put the cups and saucers out of sight in the cupboard underneath. I had to move quite a number of second division items from the cupboard to a storage crate to make room. This will go in the loft probably and wait to be claimed in the future. I think it looks a lot lighter and more dynamic as we shall move things more regularly now. The light source is actually a wired string light we used at Christmas, wound round its plastic drum shaped box. 

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