Feng Shui (part two)


I've been doing a bit more on my revisit to the principles of feng shui. My progress through   

                                          The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy 

is giving me more ideas about creating a calm and tranquil place called home. The 'story' is about an unhappy schoolteacher which I hadn't realised before I got it, who finds the confidence to change his life and do what he wants. The descriptions of the maître and his campan on the island of Bali have convinced me that a minimalist, pared down and ordered environment is good for me too. So what am I doing to get good feng shui at home? 
  • I'm continuing to de-clutter spaces. Shelves with nothing on them look great. I'm  aiming for at least one empty cupboard now. 
  • I've put away things that are pink, red and orange for another time as I move towards blues, whites and greens. I thought that this year's colour would be green a while ago.
  • I have thought more about scents and aromas too. The latest candle I am burning was handmade by Dan and has lovely scents of geranium, basil and orange.
  • The old hack of using a picture frame with glass or perspex works well as a tableau for things we pick up when we are here and there. 

  • I am pleased that our white front door which faces west is the right colour.
  • Anything that has a whiff of 'dead' about it like dried flowers, bones, antlers, have been given the heave-ho. Living plants are a better choice now I have time to took after them. 
  • Grooming Max and celebrating his dog's life have been funny.
There's more to do and it is time consuming but I am feeling the benefits. 


  1. This looks lovely and calm, I am going to try candle making this year . Xx

  2. Dan's candles have been named dandles and were a hit this Christmas. Hope you are well Mel. Miss you :)


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