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I have to admit my weakness for internet shopping. Out in real shops I can walk away easily and come home empty handed but on line I am often tempted by all manner of things: blankets, knitting supplies, ceramics and so on. I now use this little check list to rein myself in when I'm browsing blogs and interiors sites.  The bags I have just bought came from here and most of the boxes were ticked. 

 Is it good for more than one person?
Always a good idea to share your finds and ideas with the folks you live with. If you are the only one who likes it, it could be a mistake.  
 Is it healthy?
They aren't toxic like plastic is.
 Does it celebrate what is important to you? 
The style is simple rather than fancy. I like simplicity. 
 Is what it's made of, from a sustainable source?
These bags are made from cellulose which is cultivated plant material. 
 Where does it come from?
Tuscany in Italy so the air miles aren't so very bad... The company looks to be run along ethical lines too. 
Is it something to hoard? This would be a big negative.
Not really, the bags are washable and eventually compostable.
  Does it enhance the way you live?
Arguable I suppose.
 Is it beautiful?
I think they are a really good way to hide vases and flowerpots without resorting to pot holders which are often even less appealing to me. 
 Take a break and see if you are still keen next week.
We looked up the original Italian site and left it for a bit.

This all sounds long winded but it isn't. The cooling off period gives you time to go off the idea and decide to do something else. Some things which didn't pass the test were a set of cake plates and more wooden boxes. 

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