I've been ticking off quite a few resolutions these last weeks and am starting to see the rewards of dropping out of my professional life as a teacher. First up has been wellness. I like the idea of dividing up my day into thirds: one third physical activity, one third creativity and one third focused on the world about me or put another way body, soul and home. 

Well I have been exercising, mostly walking the fields with Max but I go to the gym too. If it's sunny I'm out for my fix. I suit light and sunshine. We have a veg box delivery on Wednesdays and I make new supper dishes with leafy greens and salad vegetables till we have meat again at the weekend.  I cook whatever is in the box so tonight's pasties for example, will have diced squash rather than potatoes in them. I also have breakfast more often. The days I walk Max at 7am need to to be rewarded with hot porridge. 

Creativity has come along more slowly. I've only this week found a craft group locally and was delighted to meet a lovely person who I think will help me with my aversion to finishing.  I have a project on the go but never think it's the best I can do and so often I unravel and undo only to start again. I've signed up for some workshops too. 

I've also put in an ad in a local magazine for a village book club which I hope will lead to something. I love reading when I'm into what I'm reading. ATM I'm reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, usually at bed time. Fictionwise I'm having fun with a nostalgic return to the books of Marcel Pagnol who I always think of as my grandfather and I've just started the Kerry Hudson book Tony Hogan stole my ma …  that I've had on my work table in the summer house for months. 

I'm becoming more of a neatnik at home. Things are getting done though there are days when I haven't tidied or cleaned anything. I'm going through boxes and bags and making the right decisions about what to keep or give away. The time and care I give to this makes me confident about my decisions. I would cry if it all went without me going through each item - I liked it once after all. I am pleased too that we got so much done in the house before I retired. I can just tweak now. 

I am keeping a notebook with ideas, notes and reminders so I don't have to keep them in my head: the paint I'm going to use on the chest of drawers in my bedroom, lists of plants for April, recipes which might or might not be repeated. We didn't like the pearl barley salad suggested by the clothing chain Toast but the wheaten bread recipe from the Herbert Brothers is a keeper.

As we move into the fun bits of February - Valentine's  and pancake day - I am glad of all the planning and research I have done so far and feel I have turned a new page. This weekend we are firming up holiday plans and making a start on the garden. There will be a landscaping project happening in March which is a good motivation to tidy up the paths and leaves as soon as the sun shines even a little.  


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