new beekeeper

Beekeeping has long been a project for me. I've dreamt about it for years and I am making it come true now. I have joined our local beekeepers association, attending meetings and chatting to my mentor who lives in the village. There are a number of courses novice beekeepers can sign up for and I went with a personal recommendation from Luci who visited a commercial beekeeper in the county a while ago and thought his expertise was amazing. His first course is next month and I am very much looking forward to it. I have also been reading books and browsing the internet over coffee in the mornings.  My first hive is probably going to be sited in a field five minutes walk from my back gate. I am going to wait for a swarm (rather than buy a nucleus of bees), hopefully after the oilseed rape has gone over so the bees will collect nectar from clover and wild flowers. Yesterday I went to a bee meeting and assembled a frame for the brood box all by myself - yes I found the right bits of wood and hammered the nails in straight. The foundation frames go in the brood box. I think I can have a go at assembling a hive now with a bit of support from David and You Tube. I am pretty excited about my bee suit too. I realise I may not get pots of honey in this my first year but I know I shall learn a lot. 

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