has your two hips moving, so the mnemonic goes. I have been finding more of a pattern to my week of late. Swimming on Thursdays and Sundays certainly moves my hips as I build up my lengths of breast stroke and I sometimes do a bit in the gym on a Tuesday if there's time. I am trying to keep up with my crochet squares for the blanket I hope to make and Wednesdays is yarn day at home and at the craft group I've joined. This week I met someone who spins wool from her herd of alpacas. The photos on the labels are the actual animals the wool has come from - so cute. The yarn is waiting for its project at some point. I was delighted to receive such carefully chosen cards and presents today. The messages were especially lovely and if I were to compile a gratitude list my three amazing children would be at the top along with David of course. The last photo is of a paperback I found in a charity bookshop in Cheltenham. The film of Suite française is coming out very soon with Kristin Scott Thomas playing the lead. I thought I'd have a go at the novel which is one of three I'm into at the moment. It's a bit harder than the Marcel Pagnol stories but I read the preface about the writer and only had to re-read one bit. The new book club is meeting this week for the first time and I think I will be recommending Longbourn by Jo Baker and possibly Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn if the members crave a thriller. This week will be challenging but good. 

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