house hugging

We don't usually go away at Easter because everywhere is so busy and we have time for outings later on in the month when it's often a bit warmer too. So this weekend is house hugging for us - two words which put the fun and joy back into making home a lovely place. (This won't be a cue to show you a basket of natural cleaning products though I do enjoy cleaning.) It's also David's birthday and I made him his favourite carrot cake; actually it's the first time I've used this recipe and I am pleased with the way it turned out. I will put the recipe on my bakes page in a day or two. I took the other photos around our village to remind me that the sun does shine sometimes. On the hh idea I am creating a baking cupboard in the kitchen to put all the bread and cake making ingredients and utensils in one place. I need to see what I'm running out of more clearly. Almost failed with this cake because there wasn't quite enough SF flour or indeed mascarpone cream - that would have been in the fridge so I should have checked. I'll show you the cupboard next time.

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