'Some man or other must present Wall.'

Some man or other must present Wall. And let him have some plaster, or some loam, or some roughcast about him to signify wall. 

We have been working on our wall this last fortnight. All the shrubs including two enormous bamboos recommended by Alan Titchmarsh over 10 years ago have been dug out, hurrah.  They are vigorous in the extreme and might have brought down the wall but now they've gone and the bed has been replaced by river gravel to max out the sunshine and open feeling of the space at the back of the house. I haven't finished planting and the logstore needs to be assembled but I am pleased with the new steps and the feeling of space. You may wonder what the bricked in arch is. The house was built on the site of old barns and a huge kitchen garden. The arch allowed air to circulate freely to stop frost settling in the spring and lower humidity in the summer. This method was used for grape vines in particular. The wall itself dates back to the 1700s whereas my house was built in 1996. The supporting piers were added then too. It's May morning on Friday and I was thinking about a Midsummer Night's Dream and the workmen's play which features a wall  - hence the quote. By the end of the play we realise that it's not about a wall at all, of course. 

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