Lovely warm days this spring have given me energy and verve this week. We drove to the Wye valley and had a look around Ross and Baileys' Home and Garden, a barn of rustic loveliness nearby.  I loved this baker's shop with its labelled cakes. Cake names are full of linguistic joy: some prosaic but others fanciful like the Viennese Whirls - let's forgive the single letter n. I remember jockey caps with long strands of coconut under the two tone icing, apple turnovers and cream buns which were my favourite breakfast choices on the way to school when I was a teenager. We usually use weekend time for longer walks with Max. Yesterday we thought we would follow the footpaths through nearby villages in the direction of Pershore. We walked to Lower Moor where there are lakes created from old gravel pits. Not so very long ago we were frequent visitors with the children to the water sports centre there, canoeing, windsurfing and swimming when we capsized. But on Saturday afternoon it was quiet. Maybe the season hasn't quite started. Otherwise we have been making the beehive, sowing cornflower seeds and getting everything ready for the landscapers who should, fingers crossed, be coming tomorrow to build a new set of steps. I am very much looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the week: more progress with my projects coming up quickly.  

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