all white

Today I have been painting our smallest bedroom in white which is surprisingly warm in this west facing room. We use the room for ironing mostly but it takes just a few minutes to make it a comfortable bedroom again. I've been musing on our love for white; a very clever person once asked me if I thought The White Company was a poor choice of name for a shop because some people might feel excluded. We laughed and agreed that darker skinned friends look particularly lovely in white cashmere knitwear. I chose a white wedding dress back in the 70s which I am thinking about now as my elder daughter Kate is planning her own wedding next summer. Lace is very much in vogue and I'm pleased that there are fewer corset style dresses since (another) Kate's wedding to William. My own dress was inspired by Princess Anne's back in '73 I think - I was still at school and we had the day off I remember. The lace and collar seem to echo the designer dress in the last (dress) photo.  We are very excited for Kate and Dan and I know that helping her to plan her country wedding will be delightful.  I can't help thinking about the flowers. 

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