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My dressmaking friend asked me yesterday if I was bored sometimes, now I have retired from teaching. I have too much to do,  I chuckled in response which is how it feels 5 months into this very happy time.  I am certainly dipping into a lot of things in an unhurried way. The first photo of the table in the summerhouse reflects a little of what I'm up to: making the runner for the long table (I've finished the one for the dining room), knitting socks, reading, growing flowers from seed, reading about ayurvedic principles and how they might work for me, planning an amazing trip with David to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, it all happens here.
Looking at the info board at the zoo I think this diet would suit me too (apart from the monkey pellets and fodder) and I am looking forward to our veg box scheme starting up again after the spring gap. We spent a lovely afternoon at Bristol zoo on Friday - there aren't too many big animals sadly but seeing gorillas and lions has made us all the more excited for our trip to Tanzania.
I hope very much that I'll get a swarm of bees next week so I can get them fed and settled before going up to Manchester for my exam board meetings; I am praying for warm sunny days and a phone call.
I need to catch up with my reading for the book club too. It was my choice this month and I went for Longbourn by Jo Baker which the members seem to like judging by their emails. I haven't converted the group to twitter yet but the membership is growing and everyone is so nice. The twitter account is called @lovereadingclub if anyone wants to tweet to us. I hope my re-read will be swift enough to give me a chance to read Pride and Prejudice again too. I need to spotlight Mr Bennett. Better crack on - Patrick is facetiming me in a few minutes.

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