This is the Navaho rug Luci brought back from the US for me. It's wonderful and I shall cherish it for ever. She is back after an amazing adventure north to south, east to west like the four winds. The rug itself is a good one - hand loomed wool to make a dense but soft fabric; some of the wool has been dyed to depict eagle feathers which suggest prayer and mindfulness. We are very proud of her achievement, travelling solo, collecting stories, discovering new things and meeting all kinds of people. I think she will make a very fine anthropologist.


  1. Wow! Beautiful rug and an amazing trip- has inspired me to plan my solo trip that I've been too scared to do! Brilliant xx

  2. Hi Mel lovely to hear from you. Luci says going on your own is great. She was never lonely and spent time with lots of different folks. She's quite easy to find on IG and twitter; you can always message her specific questions:)


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