preparing for Tan

We have been preparing for Tanzania for quite a while but it's a bit more tangible this month for me as I start to think about packing. Above all it needs to be light and I am taking one small bag for clothes and my day backpack for essentials; I need room for creams and cleansing products! I've tried to avoid buying too much stuff though. I love having clothes made for me - it feels right to pay someone who lives as I do, to create something from fabric I have chosen. The last photo is of a budget fabric shop in Manchester's Northern Quarter where I did just that. It's impossible to avoid the high street altogether but I do feel bad about women and children in the developing world who get paid very little to fill our wardrobes. The answer I guess is buy less, make more. The sleeveless dress is lovely and cool to wear and the flamingo print dress is copied from one I saw in a shop I like but only buy from occasionally. I will now invest in a good hat and some trousers which zip off into shorts. Luci has lent me a sarong which will be a good cover up throughout the trip - we are in Zanzibar for the last few days. 

June is fabulously full of anticipation for us. I am looking forward to finishing my exam marking, and getting the house straight for the long party that will be Patrick's return for the summer. 
I have taken to writing daily task lists to achieve a lot more than just the basics which used to be all I had time for. Now for pottering in the garden and sun worshipping on this beautiful day.

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