part two

I thought I'd share these photos from the second part of our trip to East Africa. We stayed in Stonetown the capital of Zanzibar just off the coast of Tanzania. It's a special place about as far from European culture as I have experienced. Zanzibar is home to more than a million people so it's quite busy especially on market days. There is little industry here but the island grows a lot of fruit and spices. It looks and feels tropical but in July didn't feel hot or uncomfortable. We had fun walking the town streets, swimming and listening to music - there's a lot of street performers who sing and play in an arabic style which we loved.  Everything seemed to run smoothly and it was lovely to see people living an uncomplicated life where the best things are absolutely free. It is a great place to unwind and a welcome contrast to the dusty game drives on the mainland. The last photo is one of many heavy doors which are studded to withstand an elephant breaking in. That's the tradition, I don't think there are any elephants used on the farms now. Would highly recommend.

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