a good year

for pears; every tree is laden with fruit at the moment and these were given to us by one of the florists we visited on Friday to firm up some ideas for wedding flowers next year. I shall cook them and put them in jars with warming spices for the coming months. It was lovely to have Luci's company this weekend and we celebrated with a modest harvest event; a walk to salute the moon as she gathers her strength for the 28th and a supper with a spelt loaf and tomato and coconut cassoulet from Anna Jones' brilliant cookbook. We made her melting chocolate puddings too though I used honey rather than maple syrup for extra sweetness. It worked very well but I only took photos before we sat down to eat and the puddings were still in the oven. We shared our favourite autumn things too, mine was lighting diptyque candles.  I love the shop in Notting Hill - we'll try to fit it in next month - it'll be good to try some new ones. The squashes have been in the summer house all week as I have been sketching them. The shapes are rewarding to draw and I enjoyed adding colour for the first time. I have my class tomorrow and am looking forward to improving light and dark within the same colour palette. I will post some of my work on the blog or IG before the end of the year, hopefully. I am looking forward to a week packed with creative fun. 

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