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sweeps clean. September is another new year I find and as the delight of summer has been archived I'm getting stuck in to left field creativity. There is so much to adore about autumn - two family birthdays and a long weekend with Patrick, lovely days with Luci and with Kate and Dan. We are planning a weekend in London to look at mother and father of the bride outfits. Kate says she wants to come along which is nice; her concern may be more to do with what we might choose, I suspect. I need to find the right fabric for my two piece which won't be easy as I have such a fixed idea about the look I'm after - colour, drape and cut. Oh dear, I'm glad the day isn't till next July. David has already seen a suit he likes but we need to find the right waistcoat and I would like Patrick's suit to complement his look too. In the next month or so we will have found the right florist and have the wedding dress designed. There's a lot to organise but it's all kinds of lovely. 

In quiet moments I am learning to illustrate flowers, leaves, and hedgerow fruit. I have found a teacher who runs a course in a nearby village and am enjoying her class very much. I love botanical art work with its focus on techniques and I try to draw for a short while everyday. I would like to create labels for my honey jars showing the wildflowers my bees forage from. They'll be for next year I should think. The honey year is drawing to a close and I am leaving my honey in the hive to build up the colony for next season. I knew it would be a gentle start and the beekeeping season hasn't been amazing in the UK. Next year will see more investment: a second hive and an electric extractor. 

I have moved on from sock knitting to my first sweater which is also knitted in the round. I think I should have gone for a fisherman's rib or a moss stitch now but I wanted to concentrate on shape for this one; We are using a pattern which can be adapted in multivarious ways and I'm looking forward to wearing it under my new parka jacket on Max's walks. I also have a new pair of socks on my birch needles, for Luci who is dividing her time between Oxford, London and home with us as she begins her training as a clinical aromatherapist. I must get them done before the cold weather arrives. 

bye bye summer 

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