natural beauty

Wabi sabi according to Zen philosophies means finding beauty in imperfection. So living spaces are pared down and undone and loosely follow these 7 principles:
irregular composition - try to avoid symmetry
simplicity - less is more
weathered - dried out and battered 
authentic - no pretend repro pieces
beauty that isn't obvious
unconventional - repurpose things
tranquil - use calming colours 
I've been a fan of Japanese style gardens for a long time and we had this look in mind when we changed to a green garden with paths and vistas. Inside the house it's more about styling surfaces like the oak mantel, the pitch pine school cupboard and the long shelf in the kitchen. I do like light and bright spaces though and shades of white paint have been used on all the walls of the house. I can't do  bare plaster but have resisted painting too many sticks of furniture in a bid to smarten them up. I need to have more plant material living and dried and I shall make this a challenge for next week's house dressing in prep for Patrick and Luci's birthdays. When we were in Bath last week we found a little shop called The Owl in the Ivy which showcases the look beautifully. This weekend we shall be poking around salvage yards to get some more props for the wedding which I can use before and afterwards too. I'm after a pair of doors and some vintage long tom plant pots.
The first photo is from a new shop in Kings Heath called HONEST which sells beautiful skin care products which pretty much follow the 7 principles. I bought the black cardamom candle in a jar which is burning right next to me now and is just lovely. Birmingham is a bit of a trek for me but all the products are available on-line and are probably worth taking the risk to buy before you try. 

My last photo is just about much needed warmth after a rainy day walk with Max earlier in the week. I think warmth should be the 8th principle just for us in the Midlands.

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