feel good month

I am already feeling pretty festive. I have been making countdown calendars for us and for Kate and Dan. Ours is handmade from odds and ends in my stash of textile bits and bobs. I've also used bark, leaves and some cloves from Zanzibar. I thought we'd have a feel good calendar which has messages to do fun things each day in the run up to Christmas day. No chocolate but lots of happy ideas and thoughts. Some of my favourites are:
- make an arrangement of plants for the porch to thank the house for the comfort and joy it gives us

- read some favourite passages from literature you love

- take a freshly laundered and cared for piece from your wardrobe to a charity shop

It was easy to come up with 24 ideas which are healthy and happy.

Kate's calendar has chocolates and little presents as we did when the children were little. I thought she'd like one like that for her new house. Luci and Patrick will have little presents as they are not at home all the time. I also have some Christmas knitting - a cowl in shades of green and neutrals. The idea was to use some yarn I already had and to graduate the colours from light to dark which is very seasonal of course. I also wanted to nail bubble wrap stitch. I am dressing the house with lots of plant material inside and out this year so the traditional red, green, silver and gold colours will mostly give way to browns and whites. A lot of the decorations are getting a year off and can rest in their boxes then.

I will post more photos of the decs on IG - the pom pom garland this weekend hopefully. It is only Thursday but we have a four day weekend each week now so I always think today is the last day of the working week. I am looking forward to a family lunch on Saturday for wedding talk and hearing good things from L& P too.