treats not tricks

Our Halloween was spent in London this year. We made a weekend of it and fitted in the Celts exhibition at the British Museum and then cruise style stop offs at a number of small shops. I loved the artefacts attributed to people in different regions north of the Alps and the contrast shown with pieces from ancient Greece and Rome by the curators. The postcard pics show items from France, Scotland and London. I was less persuaded by the second part of the exhibition which charted the more recent history of Celts as people exclusively from the far west of our continent. My favourite piece was the Iron Age cauldron from Denmark which I'm glad I took a photo of as it wasn't available as a postcard. 
Christmas was definitely in the air in central London even though the lights haven't been switched on yet. My favourite haunt is the ribbon shop in Marylebone Lane. Very swoonworthy. I bought some supplies to make things for my girlies and yes some treats for myself too. David chose a newish Indian resto called Gymkhana in Piccadilly for dinner which we liked very much - authentic but modern too. It's quite difficult to choose just the right dining experience; we like dishes which are a bit rustic with good flavours.  I was in London last weekend too with my daughters on our first visit to the wedding dress design studio. After lunch we didn't have enough time to do the Islington shops in detail so David and I made a second visit yesterday. We spent time in Loop which is the holy grail of yarn shops. Again I swoon at the memory of those hand dyed skeins. 
I'm back home now, the candle is wafting its sweet scent and there is a crumble made with a neighbour's apples in the oven. Golden October. 

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