birthday love

We stayed here for a few days to celebrate my big birthday and it was wonderful to have everyone gathered to share the loveliness of this remote farmhouse in West Wales. We wined and dined, played games and walked Max on the beach on the one sunny morning we were gifted and on the tracks and lanes beyond the farmyard between the rainy periods.  The air was soft and damp and we were comfortable outside even in the wind. The farmhouse itself is a joy - warm and dry with a calm, relaxed feel. We cooked together gladly and I'll always remember Luci's beautiful tagine with various middle eastern accompaniments, so so good. I've included some photos of characterful things from the carefully restored interior towards the end of this post. We really appreciated the welcome for dogs and were so happy Max could come with us; it wouldn't have been the same without him. He fretted a bit on the drive down but was quite content once we got there and his blanket was spread in front of the log burner. What a treat to receive a whole box of delights - presents which I opened over a two (three) hour breakfast. These lovely things are like charms for the future and I will treasure them all. I'm sure they'll appear on future posts too. Thank you to my peeps for making turning 60 such fun.