The sun 'turns' tomorrow morning so a visit to the Rollright Stones marked the end of short days and a welcome to the new sun for us. We each brought an offering, mine a small bouquet of holly, mistletoe and variegated ivy, is pictured at the base of one of the stones in the circle. The first photo shows the stones some distance away from the circle, called the Whispering Knights. Coming back to our village the Avon seemed fast flowing, almost turbulent. Max kept close by me, ears back because of the gusts. Temperatures are high for the time of year and I love to be on higher ground to soak up any brightness. It's lovely to come in to a light and bright home too and I am enjoying these little almond biscuits called ricciarellis with morning coffee - this is the second batch and they are so easy and popular I'm sure I shall need to bake some more for our after dinner sweet table on the 25th.
I'll put up the recipes for biscuits which are part of the alpine tradition (north and south) hopefully before the 24th.  I am feeling relaxed and very much looking forward to our family togetherness.