The party continues

We continued December's merrymaking into January and we aren't done yet. Last week it was Kate's birthday and we made mezedes or little plates from the recipes on this lovely blog

Pistachio-stuffed tiny lamb meatballs

Tahini, garlic and lemon dip with pomegranate seeds and parsley

Greek yoghurt dip with garlic, harissa and petimezi (Greek grape molasses)

Orange and date salad with sumac, dried chilli flaked and date molasses vinaigrette

The big hitters (meat wise) were delighted with the pulled beef served in tortillas which went happily with the Greek specialities. 
I also made a flourless chocolate and almond cake and a passion fruit meringue tart which Kate had asked for. Yes I was cooking for a couple of days but it was fun and much appreciated by everyone. Max was bored in the kitchen but he enjoyed a few pieces of brisket.
My regular hobbies have been neglected a bit these last months but this week I managed to start my design for the seed packets which will be the wedding favours in July. The colouring pencils called Luminance are fabulous and well worth getting. I am just finishing off my reading of Tender is The Night for our book club meeting on Wednesday. I have a battered copy and a kindle edition which is much easier to read at speed. I'm also enjoying my December presents: some reside on my bedside table and some are in the summer house. Watching episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix has taught me a cute new name for the SH, casita or little wooden house in Spanish. I know it doesn't quite cut it in the blustery wind and long spells of rain we are experiencing at the moment. My carnelian and moonstone pieces are guiding me to creativity and success this new year and my thoughts are turning to beekeeping and a new knitting project which needs to be ready for Valentine's. I shall miss my first beekeepers' meeting this weekend as we are in London for treat number ???? David and I are going to see Tosca at the Royal Opera House - I'm so excited. We'll be taking the train on Friday morning and should fit in a mooch around Notting Hill or maybe somewhere we haven't visited for decades. Next week is my new year when I start on new projects, small ones mostly but there is a germ of an idea for something that will involve bigger changes in the house. 
By the way, I'm not sold on Fitzgerald's novel. He doesn't do the female characters justice and is sometimes mixed up on Swiss geography and culture. The prose sparkles though.