away and at home

What am I up to? Last weekend was a London weekend; we enjoyed a lovely anniversary lunch in Marylebone followed by early cocktails and Puccini's Tosca at the ROH. Wow. I loved the singing so very much especially from Tosca herself, so gentle and understated for a lead soprano. I don't know many operas well and only have Mozart's operas (from my student days) to compare. I would love love to go again. Maybe in Italy for a different experience. We thought the London crowd seemed more interested in the champagne suppers than the music. We are planning a holiday in Italia later this year so I will look out for performances. 

The following day saw us in Portobello Road and I had to make the pilgrimage to The Cloth Shop to handle the fabric. They have quite a bit of near eastern pieces as per the photos which I really want but I need to ponder. I have quite a stash of fabric already - ahem. I also liked the cookery book store and am very happy about the strong lean to blue colourways for the coming season. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch there have been a few open back door moments this week and I finished a project only to begin another. I am delighted with the crocheted animals in Edward's Menagerie by Kerry Lord and am trying the polar bear as a practice piece. I am finding the instructions helpful, it's just the time I need. I am also having a Tracy Chevalier moment and am getting into The Last Runaway. There are a few housey projects coming up most notably flooring which I think will be lovely. Shame how clear lacquer goes so yellow with age, we've had our oak floor for twenty years and it could do with replacing which is actually a cheaper option than resurfacing. Again, we need to mull it over.