This is Piotr (Peter in Russian). I like his character very much. I learnt a lot making him and am confident about making David's lion for April. I have bought the proper alpaca yarn this time, Piotr is made with a budget friendly wool mix and he isn't really soft and drapey. I think the patterns in Edward's Menagerie are very clear and easy to follow. I also looked at some of Kerry Lord's YouTube vids to catch a few more watchpoints. I can see myself making a lot of the animals in her book as we are very creature friendly in our house. Luci has already chosen hers and there are four more peeps to go. 
I have been busy with wedding prep too; I am doing the table settings and ordered some of the plants today. The wild strawberry plants are nearly sold out on the site I've used before. The table centrepieces will have old terracotta pots with wild flower plants around a white hydrangea. The name cards and table plans will feature wild flowers too as well as initials and a special emblem. I'm still working on the hand drawn cornflower image for the seed packets which will be the favours. I've given myself until next Thursday as my final deadline to upload everything for the printer. As you see it's very easy to slip up. The letter s is misplaced as it should read settings. I am excited though as things are starting to come together. I have chosen my dress which has wild flowers on it obviously and we are nearly there with David's suit. We are making the colour blue sing out for sure.