pattes (the same word for paws and cloth en Suisse Romande)

Playing with fabric is a great pleasure for me and I love to display textiles in every room of the house.  I have made these mini bindles from small pieces left over from projects going back twenty years or so. They were carefully folded Marie Kondo style in my dresser with the glass doors but you couldn't see them clearly so I came up with this. I have simply rolled the folded pieces and tied them with cotton thread. I will add more bindles soon; I couldn't resist a few treasures from Donna Flower's vintage fabric shop this weekend.

I'm still working on my lion and am putting him together referencing the photos David took in Tanzania. I'm glad I chose a light colour rather than the medium caramel in the book. His will be a summer lion from the Serengeti. His mane will be caramel coloured though and yes it does go under his chin and all the way round his head which for some reason I was doubtful about till I studied the photos.

We have also been making headway with wedding props, the seed packets designs are with the printer and we have commissioned a reclaimed pine display board from a local salvage yard. There's still a lot to do; I'm waiting for warmer temperatures for seed sowing and beehive making. Whenever I have a window time-wise I am off to swim lengths or Max and I hang out whilst I crochet or knit. Tomorrow we are going to have tea and cakes with the daughters and hopefully have a one to one with Patrick in the land of Orange courtesy of FaceTime.

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