flies when you're having fun. I spent a whole day tending to the lawn in the sunshine, raking, weeding and tidying the edges. David mowed in the late afternoon when it was dry. I still haven't done the so called back back where the shade of the trees has made the grass patchy but there's plenty of time actually looking at the blog posts from last year when we didn't get our gardening gloves out till April. The lantern clock from a local museum here in the Cotswolds, reminds me of the novel The Lady and the Unicorn which I am enjoying very much - love the Middle Ages and the stories of the women is mesmerising. 

I am pretty busy with all things wedding related at the moment. We may be going to London at the weekend to do a final measuring and swatch choice. Cannot get it wrong for the makers in Mumbai. The garden has made me think of the table flowerpots and other props. I need to plant out the wild flowers I've bought as plugs asap. The seed packet proof has come back but needless to say there are amendments. I do like the way my drawing looks though. 

I'm really pleased with the cake Kate wants and am looking forward to the tasting day in April. We're all going to the hotel in Cheltenham and the no / low carbs rule will be revoked for the afternoon. The circular table is the cake table at the stone barn and we might use this wooden cake stand. 

I am looking after myself a lot more now I'm out of the workplace. I like fresh turmeric grated and used as a tisane with honey and lemon. I tried it with thyme but it tasted too medicinal. I still drink black tea sometimes and I love the new blends available now. This French Earl Grey has a lovely fruit kick and I take it with a slice of lemon to make it really sing. If I want a little sweetness I go for a few dates as a mid afternoon treat. 

By the way I have finished David's lion  - I put him on IG but won't put him on here as David reads my blog sometimes (when he's bored). I am now making the legs for Luci's palomino pony. Then there are the animals for our bride and groom. They chose them last weekend but don't know they won't see them till the day, possibly displayed with some of the flower arrangements. Patrick has yet to choose his animal but he is coming home for the Easter weekend so he can tell me what he thinks then. 


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