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I'm recovering from a nasty cold and cough which have needed antibiotics to clear up so I've had a quiet week even by my standards. The start of the month saw us in Oxford which we think of as home in our memories because of the time we spent there when K, L & P were at the exploring age in their childhood. Pitt Rivers Museum was such a favourite and it was nice to go again and see 'new' things. We've always loved anthropology and the artefacts tell so many stories about living in different times and places. David said we should go every month and view one display cabinet at a time. Now there's a challenge I'm up for especially if I can have a slice of courgette and coconut cake before or afterwards.
I have been enjoying being out in the villages and our garden when it's been sunny. It's been warm enough to hear and see bees foraging and I took some photos of their favourite flowers. They love the tree blossom too and here on the Worcestershire / Gloucestershire borders there are plenty of commercial orchards left as well as a fine gardening tradition. I've posted a couple of photos from the plum orchard where I walk Max and the other two are from my garden, the white one is an amelanchier and the pink a prunus. Of all the wild flowers it's the white nettle the bees seem to love. I am looking forward to the beekeeping year and am delighted my colony has survived the winter. Guinevere and her workers have inspired me to go wild and use the plants they love in my garden even if they don't flower for long. I'm afraid a lot of show case plants in garden centres won't make it to the till. My woodland garden is good for the spring but I need to expand the meadow area by the hedges. At the moment it's just a metre square with pink and white campion. I thought of these lines wending my way though this bit of woodland in the hedgerow.

O let them be left, wildness and wet;Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.
(GMH at the beginning of the last century)

This weekend is Kate and Dan's hen / stag celebration. I like that they have organised a evening out in the city for both groups together but are staying in separate cottages with different activities. Luci drove up this afternoon and Patrick is flying in to Manchester airport. There will also be a mother hen do in May which I am looking forward to. It'll be lovely to be out with my girlies. I can't write a post without some mention of the big W can I? 

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