Kate and Dan's wedding

I have neglected this blog over the last few months preferring to post little bites on IG. The wedding preparations were all consuming so I lived a different life for a while. As we head towards the end of July we are picking things up again but this special day on the 7th will be in our short term memories for a very long time. We had a glorious day and whilst the official photos are not yet out, I have put together a few images taken on various phone cameras. Blogging is scrapbooking for me so I have included a few styling shots too. Many of our friends are interested in table settings, flowers and favours. It's impossible to choose highlights from all the loveliness but the ceremony in the glade was wonderful and it set the tone of elegance without formality for the rest of the day. Of course everything whizzed past and at one in the morning when we left, I felt I wanted to do it all again. 
Still that's what photos are for and we have more of those to come.

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